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The Hip Version of an Ancient Juggling Art

Versatile fun
at any level of ability!

FlowerSticks™ are a simple yet challenging game of balance and concentration. They emphasize freeform play while they:

  • Improve coordination
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Enhance cooperative skills
  • Help you relax and dance with life
FlowerSticks™, brought to you by Further Realms of Fun!, are joyful exploration in motion! We have taken an ancient martial art of balance and juggling and made it easy, bouncy, safe, unbreakable, and FUN!!! You can find other juggle sticks, but ours are the original light, harmless, and kid-friendly FlowerSticks™ that you've been able to play with for over 24 years. FlowerSticks™ are the perfect game, meditation, dance partner, centering tool, even physical therapy. They develop coordination, enhance mental capabilities, and improve your attitude.

Experiment, Explore, Discover!!!

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